Saturday, January 29, 2011


First week back was busy.  We arrived with the 4 trunks, 5 bags, 4 carry ons to the partamentos torongo.  Next day we checked on the status of our apartment, you guessed it,  Cuenca time, instead of finish date of Jan 30, it is now March 31st.  We were not happy campers, one or two weeks at the apt we had rented was ok, not two months.  Well we found a new penthouse,  3 bedrooms to rent for two to three months.  We moved again but it is far better for long term.  We are now settled in new apartment for a couple of months.
We have discovered a new resturant, fantastic, for seafood, and it is fresh.  Try the La Mar  resto-bar located at Remegio Crespo 15-35 y Unidad Nacional.  ph is 072818217.  Have eaten there twice, food excellent both times.  Hours of operation are Sundays and Monday  11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday 11am to closing.  You will not be disappointed.
I have a question from anyone that has had the experience.  If you fly into Guayaquil airport and want to get a ride to Salinas, what is best way, cab, van etc.

Silene and Jim

Saturday, January 22, 2011


We made it but what a trip.  We were able to sell the last vehicle, close on house, pack,  and come back to Cuenca in 14 days.  We left Cuenca on Jan. 6th and arrived back on Jan. 20th.  We are now renting a place until our apt is ready.  Allied Van Lines came and packed two crates, 110 boxes, 3800#, they are keeping in storage until we tell them to ship to Cuenca.

We left Austin with 4 footlockers, 5 suitcases, 4 carry on,  when we arrived at the ticket counter, agent asked if were leaving the country.  I thought she was going to have us escorted out of the terminal because of the amount of luggage, yes we had to pay.  When we arrived in Quito, so did the 9 pieces of luggage, wow, great.  Two of the footlockers had holes punched in them, rough landing i guess.

Spent the nite in quito, decided to hire a van for trip home, thought it would be a lot easier than putting busted footlockers on the plane again.  Nine hours later we arrived at the apt.  If any of you  have not made this trip, i would suggest it, great sights along the road.

Hope to see all of you soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Big Day for the Fllight Crew

We have not posted for awhile but have sure been busy.  The Movers came yesterday and packed two crates for shipment.  We had a lot of boxes but somehow they managed to get 108 boxes, 3800 lbs packed, wow!  Today we close on the house, sold the last vehicle.  The buyer is letting us use the truck until we leave on the 19th, a good thing.
We are staying in a hotel in Austin for one week as we had some appointments to finish up, so many things to do.
Funny thing, neighbors that we never see have come around to tell us they are sorry we are leaving, they will miss us, wow, i find that hard to believe.
They tell us our apartment will be ready by the end of January, i have my doubts about that.  We have rented a place for our arrival on the 20th.
We are looking foward to seeing our friends when we arrive.  

Hello to all.

Silene and Jim