Thursday, December 30, 2010

Walking around Cuenca

Cuenca changes everyday, something new to see.  Cows grazing along the river, donkeys on the sidewalk, wheelbarrows full of fruit.  I am going to have start carrying a camera which i have never done but will try to start posting pictures.  We have traveled a lot but the sights here take our breath away.

As we walk Silene is always seeing apartments for rent and she is good at picking good ones.  So she is keeping a list in her little books she carries.  If anyone is in need then drop us a note at  Just yesterday she found a couple in new bldg at resonable rent, 3 bedrooms.

Have a great day in this magic land.

Silene and Jim

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What a Great Day to Be in Cuenca

Hello Everyone,  Happy New Years Eve Early.  We have had a busy day but fun.  We started early this morning by going to California Kitchen for breakfast.  Carol fed us well,  we then started walking in the rain, lasted two blocks, you know what comes next.  We hailed a cab, went to new apt that is being built to do some design changes.  We got a phone call while there that a couple in Cuenca wanted to see the penthouse above our apt where we are staying.  Would Silene please come and be the go between the landloard and the potential renters.  Silene is fluent in Spanish.  We jumped in a cab and met the new folks from California and in no time, new neighbors.  The rented the penthouse.  It is gone, rented.  The were happy that we were able to help.

We will be going back to Texas on Jan 5 but will return the end or Jan to move into new apt.

Jim and Silene

Monday, December 27, 2010

Big Shopping day for the New Apartment

Well just got back from shopping, my wallet is a lot lighter now.  We bought a new wall oven and countertop range, big since my wife likes to cook.  It was a tough negoation but my wife won, i think.  We also bought an extractor.  We shopped at Almacenes Boyaca at av. Remigio Crespo & Esmeralda.  Nice folks if anyone needs appliances.  It was fun actually.
Also today in the same building where we are staying we found a penthouse apt. on fifth floor, takes up all the fifth floor.  It is two years old, and 285 sq meters or approx 3000 sq ft.  Three bedrooms , each with bath plus an office, and maids quarters with own bath.  Has terrace with views of city.  Large windows.  Very nice kitchen with granite counter tops, large island plus stove and oven.  Rents for $600 plus $70 condo fee.  Two parking spaces plus storage room.  If interested contace me at
The apt is unfurnished.  The apt. is beautiful.

Our apt is supposed to be finished by Jan. 30, we are excited.  Still have to go back to Texas to finsh packing and close on house.   Stay tuned the adventure has just begun.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

We Made it On Christmas Day

What a great feeling to be back home in Cuenca!  We flew standby and got the last 2 seats out of Houston last night and here we are, getting ready to go to Mick and Kathys for dinner.  Hold that turkey.  What a wonderful day, Christmas, a time for thanks, friends, family, a time to reflect on the year.  They are going by so fast.  Remember do not forget to say those 3 big words to your someones today.  I love you.  We never know if tomorrow will come for each of us, so don`t miss the opportunity.  Thinking of all of you reading this today in Cuenca and the rest of the world.  Feliz Navidad.

Silene and Jim

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yes i mean a red face,  went to the dermatologist for annual skin check, he says you need to have the face burned with the light.  I say what!!!!!!  Yes they have you lay down, swab your face with acid that is light sensitive, then wait 20min.  Next a bright hot light over your face for 20min.  So hot that even though it is blowing cool air on the face, they hand you extra hose that is blowing air conditioned air to move around on you face where ever it hurts, yea right the hose was not big enough, i suggest a one foot diameter hose next time.  Anyway home for 2 days inside, that was 7 days ago.  Boy when i walked through the mall with a face red as a lobster, people moved, i could even go the front of the line and they moved. Now 8 days later it is pealing, you guessed it, in spots.  Oh well it is done and should be good for a year.

We miss Cuenca and if the loads permit will be there for Christmas, fingers crossed.  I am in the book store in big mall in Austin,  and where is the Silene, you guessed it,  In Dillard's.  Well enough rambling for today, just remember, We shall Return.

Jim and Silene

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shopping for Stuff

Well we had a good day, the shopping mall was busy, but we managed to buy a new set of dishes, sheets, pots and pans, etc.  Our good friends that have move to Cuenca before us have made some recommendations on what to buy in the states and bring.  My wife likes all her cooking tools, cook books mixers, blenders so we will have to ship some boxes.  Wish i could have shipped the big Honda bike but was not possible so guess i will have to join the 125cc club when i arrive.  The weather in Georgetown, Tx was beautiful today, about 60F.  Hope all of you had a wonderful day.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Planing to go to Cuenca for Christmas

Since things are going well for us, I told my husband that I want him to experience Christmas in Cuenca, because it is beautiful, full of centuries old traditions, colorful with delicious food and beverages unique to that part of the year. I don't want him to miss it. Some of my friends asked me "what is the rush to go there for Christmas, after all  you are moving there soon." The answer is that I have learned to take the opportunities when they present themselves, I don't know what will happen for next Christmas so we will not miss this Christmas, living like this has paid off for us.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen,

Want to share with you what is happening to us, it is so amazing that I feel like boiling water inside. We just received a deposit  from a potential buyer to buy not only our house but my car as well, just before we were going to put both items on the market, and you know what that means.
We are here to tell you that regardless of the economy there is hope for things to get better. we are SO grateful! I know it is not a done deal until the fat lady sings, but it  looks very promising. Don't you think?  We are up to our eyeballs packing and getting ready to move.  Will write more as we can and things change
Hasta la vista.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Exciting Day for the two of us

Hello Everyone,

Well  this is our first post,  bear with us as we learn how to write about out adventures.  As you can tell by our profiles, we have spent our life traveling the world on airplanes as crew members.  We hope you enjoy following our move to Ecuador as much as we enjoy writing about them.

We searched the world for a place to live, visiting many countries.  We always came back to Ecuador.  In our travels we visited Cuenca in Ecuador and fell in love with the Colonial town, Charming.  We traveled for seven years looking for a place to settle out of the United States. We bought an apartment that will be ready in January of 2011, exciting.  My wife speaks spanish which was a great help in looking for our apartment.  We can offer our help to any of you that come to Cuenca and need help in finding  your apartment.  We have met many friends in Cuenca that have been a great help to us in our move.    More to follow.

Silene and Jim