Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Little Taste of Italy in Cuenca

If anyone in Cuenca likes Italian Food, we found a very tasty place to eat.  The name is Mediterrane Bar, Ristorante, Pizzeria.  The pizza is thin crust, excellent, they have wood fired oven to bake the pizza.  I had lasagna which was very good.  Address is honorato Vasquez 7-64 y Luis Cordero.  Hours are Monday thru Saturday, 12pm to 11pm, Sunday 12pm to 4 pm.  Large selection of wine to go with dinner.  The owner is Italian moved to Cuenca from Italy.  If you crave some good italian food, you will like.  Telephone # 2844138
The weather has been great, cold in morning, warm by noon.  Coats in the morning, short sleeves in afternoon.


Silene an Jim

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Update From Way Down South

Hello Friends and New Friends,
It has been awhile since a post, some folks write a lot more for which i am thankful. We are having so much fun, that we do not sit down at computer and write much.  We spent most of Sept. in the United States.  We flew to Houston and stayed a few days with Jim`s cousin who lives near the space center.  Rented a car for three weeks for fun driving.  Drove to Austin , visited old friends where we used to live for 5 days, then drove on to Denver to visit son Keith and family, grandkids.  Had a great time. Jim went riding Honda 250 dirt bike in mountains with Son and grandson for 6 hours.  A great day, came home with no broken bones.  Spent one day on lake in Colo with friends.  Left Colo drove back to Houston, few more days of shopping to fill up the trunks,  then south and home. Ah Cuenca.................Hard to beat.  Until next time.

Silene and Jim

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Click on above to view short video of trip.  We went by bus, Cuenca to Puerto Lopez, total cost was $45 round trip.  Would suggest staying at the Hosteria Mandala, food is very good in the resturant.  We visited Los Frailes Beach and Isla de la Plata, saw sea turtles, whales, and lots of blue-footed boobies.  In the video you will see some blue-footed boobies.  After the five day trip it was back home to Cuenca.  We do like living in Cuenca.

Jim and Silene

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding an apartment in Cuenca

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have been very busy finding a place to move, we looked at 21 apartments before finding what we really need. Why? because here in Cuenca some owners don't take care of their property but expect the renters (that is you and I) to pay for the repairs, for us that was unacceptable, so the search took longer, another issue was bathrooms with no mirrors or enough lights and wall colors that will give you anxiety vs. calmness.

Security and lack of elevator was huge for us as well, be aware of all this, and when they say they will fix something, make sure it is in your contract with a time frame. Make sure you check toilets, underneath of sinks for leaks, hot water is a must here.

The rent prices have increased significantly since we came last November, especially if you want furniture and if you have pets. Pets have a different meaning in this culture.

I kept a log of all the apartments we went to see and locations in case somebody needs information.

Speaking the language and after seeing 21 apartments has made a huge difference for us and in helping four families to find a place for which they were grateful and happy. This was free to them from our part, and one of the four who is an electric and mechanical engineer put the lights in the bathrooms for us and another couple came this morning to help us pack, it was so nice, the exchange of kindness, loved it!

Last week walking in Cuenca I found this store where they make curtains, pillows and all that sort of things for the house and at a very reasonable price. The owner is Daniela Delagado. She doesn't speak English, but if I have time I will be able to help you, here is her information: Cortinas Daniela (no sign outside yet). Address: Tomas Ordonez # 10-18 y Gran Colombia, Phone: (07) first if using a cell then 282-2211, her cell is: 09355-1761.

I shall stop now, has been a long day and tomorrow will be too.
Hope this will be helpful for all of you.
Good night.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Crates Arrive

Well it has been awhile but the crates arrived.  We shipped two crates from Austin, Texas.  They arrived in Guayaquil, we got the call and flew over to show our passports and get our crates released from customs.  Six more days and they arrived at the house.  We had 115 boxes, it was like Christmas as we had forgotten what was in the boxes.  Now busy unpacking and putting stuff away.

The weather has been beautiful after all the rain in April.  Sunny days and blue skies, great weather for walking.

Took a few extra days when we went to Guayaquil, traveled over to montanita, enjoyed the beach.  You have to watch out as a few young ladies found out as they were getting the sun.  As you can see horses run loose on the beach.  As they approached the  area we were in somthing spooked them and they began to run, almost running over the sunbathers.

Well this will have to do for now,  live everyday as if it were the last, be kind to your friends and neighbors.

Silene and Jim

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hello Everyone,

Well we arrived back in Cuenca last Saturday, we have been in the states for  three weeks.  Went to Colorado to visit the children, then Miami to visit and take care of the Federal Taxes.  Then back home via Bogota.  Our new apartment is supposed to be finished by end of March, we shall see, have to remember that we are in Ecuador on Ecuador time.

We just got our permanant visas so we are on the final lap to finish the paperwork.  When that is complete we can ship the crates.

We are grateful to be back safe at home in Cuenca.  We pray everyday for the people in Japan that are suffering so much.  I hope that they can settle down the reactors and try to start rebuilding there life. 

It seems everytime i go downtown i meet new people that are checking out Cuenca and have a lot of questions about living here and how much it costs.  We all went throught that period and all of you were kind to us to share, so we try to pass it on to the brand new folks.

Well as i can fly better than i can write, i will land this thing and go to the hotel!!!!!!

Silene and Jim

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We finally got all the suitcases emptied, clothes put away, etc.  The new apt is very nice, lots of room to move around.  The appliances are all new in the rental and work very well. 

I felt a shiver tonight when i looked at the weather in Georgetown, Tx where we used to live, temp was going down to 15 F, sure is nice to be in Cuenca.  Tomorrow i am going to try to move the brain cells and start learning the spanish language, will keep you posted.

On a side note, if anyone knows of a resonable rental in Salinas, somewhere you can cook and close to beach would appreciate a note back.  You can  reach me at

Silene and Jim

Saturday, January 29, 2011


First week back was busy.  We arrived with the 4 trunks, 5 bags, 4 carry ons to the partamentos torongo.  Next day we checked on the status of our apartment, you guessed it,  Cuenca time, instead of finish date of Jan 30, it is now March 31st.  We were not happy campers, one or two weeks at the apt we had rented was ok, not two months.  Well we found a new penthouse,  3 bedrooms to rent for two to three months.  We moved again but it is far better for long term.  We are now settled in new apartment for a couple of months.
We have discovered a new resturant, fantastic, for seafood, and it is fresh.  Try the La Mar  resto-bar located at Remegio Crespo 15-35 y Unidad Nacional.  ph is 072818217.  Have eaten there twice, food excellent both times.  Hours of operation are Sundays and Monday  11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday 11am to closing.  You will not be disappointed.
I have a question from anyone that has had the experience.  If you fly into Guayaquil airport and want to get a ride to Salinas, what is best way, cab, van etc.

Silene and Jim

Saturday, January 22, 2011


We made it but what a trip.  We were able to sell the last vehicle, close on house, pack,  and come back to Cuenca in 14 days.  We left Cuenca on Jan. 6th and arrived back on Jan. 20th.  We are now renting a place until our apt is ready.  Allied Van Lines came and packed two crates, 110 boxes, 3800#, they are keeping in storage until we tell them to ship to Cuenca.

We left Austin with 4 footlockers, 5 suitcases, 4 carry on,  when we arrived at the ticket counter, agent asked if were leaving the country.  I thought she was going to have us escorted out of the terminal because of the amount of luggage, yes we had to pay.  When we arrived in Quito, so did the 9 pieces of luggage, wow, great.  Two of the footlockers had holes punched in them, rough landing i guess.

Spent the nite in quito, decided to hire a van for trip home, thought it would be a lot easier than putting busted footlockers on the plane again.  Nine hours later we arrived at the apt.  If any of you  have not made this trip, i would suggest it, great sights along the road.

Hope to see all of you soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Big Day for the Fllight Crew

We have not posted for awhile but have sure been busy.  The Movers came yesterday and packed two crates for shipment.  We had a lot of boxes but somehow they managed to get 108 boxes, 3800 lbs packed, wow!  Today we close on the house, sold the last vehicle.  The buyer is letting us use the truck until we leave on the 19th, a good thing.
We are staying in a hotel in Austin for one week as we had some appointments to finish up, so many things to do.
Funny thing, neighbors that we never see have come around to tell us they are sorry we are leaving, they will miss us, wow, i find that hard to believe.
They tell us our apartment will be ready by the end of January, i have my doubts about that.  We have rented a place for our arrival on the 20th.
We are looking foward to seeing our friends when we arrive.  

Hello to all.

Silene and Jim