Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hello Everyone,

Well we arrived back in Cuenca last Saturday, we have been in the states for  three weeks.  Went to Colorado to visit the children, then Miami to visit and take care of the Federal Taxes.  Then back home via Bogota.  Our new apartment is supposed to be finished by end of March, we shall see, have to remember that we are in Ecuador on Ecuador time.

We just got our permanant visas so we are on the final lap to finish the paperwork.  When that is complete we can ship the crates.

We are grateful to be back safe at home in Cuenca.  We pray everyday for the people in Japan that are suffering so much.  I hope that they can settle down the reactors and try to start rebuilding there life. 

It seems everytime i go downtown i meet new people that are checking out Cuenca and have a lot of questions about living here and how much it costs.  We all went throught that period and all of you were kind to us to share, so we try to pass it on to the brand new folks.

Well as i can fly better than i can write, i will land this thing and go to the hotel!!!!!!

Silene and Jim