Friday, January 27, 2012

Excellent Ice Cream

Hello from Cuenca,
A few days ago on one of our walks, we discovered an ice cream shop where the ice cream  is home made with natural ingredients.  They have 20 flavors.  The name is Los Helados de Paila, located at Alfonso Cordero y Florencia Astodillo.  Everyday 9am to 7pm.  Worth a try.

On another note, the new apartment is still for sale, see the last blog.    Tomorrow we are invited over to our friends to make cookies, i can hardly wait,  i am the taster.

For all you football fans, Feb. 5 is almost here, so get ready to tailgate, in Cuenca we tailgate in the apt. 
We have been getting rain most every day, but still we have some sunshine and you do not need the snow shovel.

Silene and Jim

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